Gas Water Heater

*6Yr Limited Tank/Parts Warranty

American PROLine® Sealed Combustion Gas Water Heater

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The PROLine® Sealed Combustion model is ideal for manufactured homeowners who desire a reliable gas water heater. The unit vents through-the-roof. The bottom intake air vent can be horizontally ducted for up to 30'(with the optional air inlet kit).

  • Combination Thermostat/ECO with factory-preset pressure regulator and built-in millivolt-powered energy cutoff for overheat protection.
  • Gas control convertible for natural or propane gas, providing for flexible installation.
  • Aluminized steel multi-port burner.
  • Anode Rod and top-mounted, heavy-duty anode for added tank protection, extending the life of the tank.
  • 2" Non-CFC polyurethane foam insulation reduces standby heat loss & reduces energy costs.
  • Fused ceramic shield tank for anti-corrosion protection.
  • Non-Metallic, corrosion-free drain valve.



Size-Dia x H

Part #

30 Gas WH 18˝x 56˝ 56020004
40 Gas WH 20˝x 56 1/2" 56020005
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