Receptacle and Covers

Picture Part name Part info
Coach Porch Fixture Electrical Receptacle box

with mounting ears

5921314 Electrical Receptacle box
Ground fault Circut

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

3 colors available


Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter-Brown

59131851 Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter-White
59131842 Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter-Ivory
Plastic Exterior Fixture

Duplex Receptacle

Auto-grounding,15Amp- 125Volt
3 colors available

5953201 Duplex Receptacle-White
5953202 Duplex Receptacle-Ivory
5953207 Duplex Receptacle-Brown
Self-contained Rocker Switch

Duplex receptacle Cover

5939031 Cover-White
5939032 Cover-Ivory
5939037 Cover-Brown
single pole switch

Single Pole Toggle Switch

auto grounding

5914511 Cover-White
5914512 Cover-Ivory
5914517 Cover-Brown
single plate Single toggle plate


Smooth Cover-White
5939012 Smooth Cover-Ivory
5939017 Smooth Cover-Brown
5986101 JUMBO smooth cover-Ivory
Rocker Switch

Rocker Switch

Single paddle

596043 Rocker Switch-white
596044 Rocker Switch-Ivory
Barrel Globe

Single Rocker Switch Plate


59611507 Rocker Switch Plate-White
59611500 Rocker Switch Plate-Ivory
Self Contained Devises
Lantern Porch Fixture


Duplex Receptacle


59153201 Self-contained Duplex Receptacle
59153211 Duplex Snap-on Coverplate
whitle-porchglobe light

Self-contained Rocker Switch


59153101 Self-contained Rocker Switch
Single Rocker Coverplate

Single Rocker Coverplate

for snap-on system-white

59153311 Single Rocker Coverplate
Double Rocker Coverplate

Double Rocker Coverplate

for snap-on system-white

59153321 Double Rocker Coverplate
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