Kinro 5140 Series Outswing Door


Series 5140

Outswing Door

Kinro5140 outswing door

This is an outswing entrance door that combines beauty, durability, and efficiency. It is completely prehung and ready to install. The 5140 also has a flat mounting flange.

Standard Features
• Strong welded aluminum frame with
integral weather baffle.
• Three heavy duty hinges join the core to
the frame.
• Heavy, damage resistant panels are
securely bonded to the core.
• Effective insulated 2 pound density foam core.
• 5 pound density foam lock block will not
distort or deteriorate
.• Core is edge bored and capped for easy
addition of dead bolt
• Bulb vinyl on all four sides form the
primary sealing system. Extruded flap
vinyl on all four sides of the frame form the
secondary seal.
• Manufactured to comply with*HUD Std. 3280-405; *AAMA 1702.2.95; and * AAMA 1702.2.95
• Painted frame option available.

Door Features
bulbbulb seal
predrilled  lockPredrilled Lock poly doorWhite poly door

Kinro 5140 *Outswing Door

Size W x H Opening Direction
Storm Type Jam Size Part #
32" x 76" LH All Glass 4" 69K23276L0NN0
Conventional 4" 69K23276L0NN0
RH All Glass 4" 69K23276R0NN0
Conventional 4" 69K23276R0NN0
34" x 76" LH All Glass 4" 69K23476L0NN0
Conventional 4" 69K23476L0NN0
Full View 4" 69K23476L0NN0
RH All Glass 4" 69K23476R0NN0
Conventional 4" 69K23476R0NN0
Full View 4" 69K23476R0NN0
34" x 78" LH Conventional 4" 69K23478L0NN0
RH Conventional 4" 69K23478R0NN0
34" x 80" LH Full View 4" 69K23480L0NN0
RH Full View 4" 69K23480R0NN0
36" x 76" LH

All Glass

4" 69K23676L0NN0
RH All Glass 4" 69K23676R0NN0
36" x 80" LH

All Glass

4" 69K23680L0NN0
RH All Glass 4" 69K23680R0NN0
38" x 76" LH Conventional 4" 69K23876L0NN0
RH Conventional 4" 69K23876R0WC0
38" x 80" LH Conventional 4" 69K23880L0NN0
RH Conventional 4" 69K23880R0NN0
Item Part #
KINRO Touch-up White paint 69350001
*More Sizes and types Available-Contact Us for details.