Outswing Door

200 Series

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200 Series Door

Elixir Industries' Series 200 manufactured home doors have been a staple in the manufactured housing industry for over 30 years. Series 200 doors are constructed from painted galvanized steel and then attached to a heavy-duty aluminum frame ensuring stability as well as safety and security. The folded edge blocks air, light, and water. Other features include highly energy efficient polyurethane foam insulation with high R-Values, adjustable striker plates, and both the frame and the door are dead bolt prepped. In addition, the Series 200 features weather stripping on the door frame and door core creating a double seal. Four additional options are included with the Series 200: swivel lock bolt, a threshold, a drip cap, and a chain. Other hardware items such as a dead bolt and knocker-viewer are also available upon request.

Optional Features(Windows)
diamond window
118"x20" window
Cottage Window
Size(WxH) Description Opening Style Window type Part #
32 x 72 OutSwing Door
Left Hand
Blank 69E43272L0NN0
10x10 69E43272L1NN0
18x20 69E43272L3NN0
Right Hand Blank 69E43272R0NN0
10x10 69E43272R1NN0
32 x 74 OutSwing Door Left Hand Blank 69E43274L0NN0
18x20 69E43274L3NN0
Right Hand Blank 69E43274R0NN0
n/a 69E43274R3NN0
32 x 76 OutSwing Door Left Hand Blank 69E43276L0NN0
10x10 69E43276L1NN0
18x20 69E43276L3NN0
Cottage 69E43276L4NN0
Right Hand Blank 69E43276R0NN0
10x10 69E43276R1NN0
18x20 69E43276R3NN0
Cottage 69E43276R4NN0
32 x 78 OutSwing Door Left Hand 10x10 69E43278L1NN0
18x20 69E43278L3NN0
Right Hand 10x10 69E43278R1NN0
18x20 69E43278R3NN0
34 x 76 OutSwing Door Left Hand Blank 69E43476L0NN0
10x10 69E43476L1NN0
18x20 69E43476L3NN0
Cottage 69E43476L4NN0
Right Hand Blank 69E43476R0NN0
10x10 69E43476R1NN0
18x20 69E43476R3NN0
Cottage 69E43476R4NN0
34 x 78 OutSwing Door Left Hand 10x10 69E43478L1NN0
Right Hand 10x10 69E43478R1NN0
34 x 80 OutSwing Door Left Hand 10x10 69E43480L1NN0
Right Hand 10x10 69E43480R1NN0
36 x 80 OutSwing Door Left Hand Blank 69E43680L0NN0
10x10 69E43680L1NN0
Right Hand Blank 69E43680R0NN0
10x10 69E43680R1NN0


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